• Linux Acer one s1003 D16H1

    This post describes how to install linux on a Acer One. There are some things that don’t work yet and some others that require some work Distributions uefi 32 only. Only debian 32 and multiarch seem to work fine. The system itself is 64bit Tried and failed: ubuntu 32...

  • How to spot fake news

    The source is defined exists, its role is defined, it is directly connected to the topic, doesn’t make money on its opinion The article is easy to read, and the headline refers to the actual content The article is not plain false from the title The article doesn’t tell...

  • First tyre puncture in my life

    Yesterday First tyre puncture in my life Today First puncture repair in my life

  • git branches

    When googling “git branch model”, this is the first entry. It is very close to what we do at iwoca. In pydsl I don’t use a development branch; I just use master and feature branches, merging them whenever they are ready. The more I use git, the more...

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