Open source contractor based in London.

Python developer

12 years experience working with Python. I made a GUI for R in PyQT, a compiler framework called pydsl, contributed to create the startup iwoca, worked with a few http APIs, Twisted and many other small projects.

Django developer

I've worked for the last 7 years with django. Authentication backends, integration with APIs and reviewed a lot of code. I'm quite fast booting new projects and designing the code structure

Domain Driven Design

I try to apply Domain Driven design principles as much as possible, with emphasis on a clean 1:1 business language - codebase. For example, open sourcing the abstractions we used in FundingOptions (github repo)

Speech Recognition and NLP

During a year I worked in the NLP sector. I implemented a user adaptation patch for sphinx 3. I also trained models for both sphinx 3 and 4 and HTK. A few months later I worked on subtitle alignment using python. As a hobby, I've worked with the NLTK library

Parsers and Compilers

My current hobby project, pydsl is about parsers and compilers. I've worked with flex and yacc in C and many different parsers in Python.

Linux administrator

I am a Linux user since 1998, and I've done administration for web, mail, ssh, git, ldap, databases, ftp and many other services. Amazon EC2

C and C++ developer

I worked for a year and a half with C++/QT, making the adelin backup project. Good knowledge in OO programming (together with Python). I've some experience with STL and templates. I've done a bit of C as well, for small servers and performance critical apps

QT developer

During university, I worked with PyQT. Later, I worked with C++/QT in adelin backup and keme projects. I have experience with both QT3 and 4, and I can create a GUI program from scratch