This post describes how to install linux on a Acer One. There are some things that don’t work yet and some others that require some work


uefi 32 only. Only debian 32 and multiarch seem to work fine. The system itself is 64bit

Tried and failed: ubuntu 32 and 64, linux mint.

Ocasionally the system doesn’t boot, but it fixes itself after a restart. Fixed with 4.14 kernel.


Wifi driver for broadcom missing. The firmware files can be found on the debian package, but the text file with the parameters isn’t available (brcmfmac43430-sdio.txt). I needed a wifi dongle.

The system does weird stuff then the keyboard is separated from the tablet. This only happens during the installation, it isn’t a problem after the system is installed (I assume newer kernels fixed it).

The kernel 2.9.51 doesn’t recognise the audio card. However 4.14 recognises it fine. To get audio working, I installed missing firmware firmware-intel-sound_20170823-1_all.deb . Audio jack detection and sound not working though.

Acpi doesn’t now how to read the battery level, there is no screen notification available. No way to change brightness beyond using xgamma or xrandr (software)

April 2020 Update

wifi, audio, battery work fine on Fedora 31 . No webcam support