#How to spot fake news

A few ideas on how to spot fake news. I wonder which approach are the new automated factchecker companies are using. Here is my own list:

  1. The source is defined exists, its role is defined, it is directly connected to the topic, doesn’t profit on its opinion
  2. The article is easy to read, and the headline refers to the actual content
  3. The article is not plain false
  4. The article is not incoherent
  5. The article doesn’t tell you how to feel or has any emotional language in first or second person

All of them point in the direction of independent and audited media sources, which has always been the most reliable way to get decent information.

Run away from attention seeking algorithm

Noticing what’s real and what isn’t is as important as avoiding sources that will put fake news in front of your eyes. Any media source with an agenda beyond serving information will have this effect.

It is also worth noting that any closed algorithm driven page will have the same issue. The veracity of the information is not as important as information extraction from you and therefore subject to confirmation bias

Resilient media

Here are some characteristics of resilient media worth consuming.

  1. Decentralized. No entity owns it or there are local copies of it
  2. Immutable: news can’t be changed, only append amendments
  3. Weighted: Networks can weight/vote what’s important or isn’t
  4. Authored: Authors need to be traceable
  5. Coherent: Incoherent articles need to be disputed. Duplicates tagged.
  6. Hierarchical: News and topics need to have relationships to avoid redundancy