When googling "git branch model", this is the first entry. It is very close to what we do at iwoca. In pydsl we don't use a development branch; we just use master and feature branches, merging them whenever they are ready.

The more I use git, the more I realize how cheap is to branch and remerge, and how easy is to have all the branches living in the same repository at the same time.

Here is a brief summary of the current branches:
  •   alphabet: The new abstraction Alphabet
  •   antlr: Adding support for antlr grammar format
  •   extract: A new function for extracting recognized elements from a text
  •   fol: Studying the interaction between grammars and First Order Logic
  •   master: Main branch
  •   probability: Adding support for probability results in grammars
  •   unknownsymbol: Adding the unknown symbol as a part of partial recognitions
  •   wrapper: Functions and classes for encapsulating pydsl functionalities